The Orphans is a cinematic audio drama that uses layered sound effects and rich performances to pull the audience into the world of the story. The first season of The Orphans follows a group of survivors who crash landed on an alien planet with no idea how they got their or who they are. The group must work together to uncover the mystery of their arrival and survive in the alien wilderness while an unknown force hunts them down.

         The follow up series of The Orphans, The Orphans: Facility explores some of the back-story of Season One, delving deep into Season One's main antagonist. All episodes of Facility are now available.

        Coming July 10th 2018 is The Orphans: Investigation, the second of two spin off series exploring the world of The Orphans. With future series coming, The Orphans is one of the most exciting audio dramas currently releasing episodes. With strong characters brought to life by incredibly talented actors, and rich sound design crafted to capture your attention, you can't go wrong with The Orphans.