CAST (alphabetical)
James Barbarossa Alex Bird Declan Galpin Aimee Kember Matt Penson Jodie Stedman

As the voice of the Artificial Intelligence GeoFFRY James Barbarossa makes your heart melt and your spine tingle. His deep baritone sets the tone for much of the series.

Alex Bird is a familiar voice in The Orphans, first playing Baz in the original series, and Baz Guilroy in Facility. Alex shines as the Baz clones. He highlights their weakness and strengths and while demonstrating the differences between them.

Declan Galpin plays the role of William in the first Season of The Orphans. His comic timing forms much of the light hearted side of the series.

The heart of the first series, Aimee Kember plays the role of the Nora units. Exploring the range of her performance, Aimee has played three Noras over the two series currently released. From Strength, to Kindness, to Vulnerability, she has it all.

Matt Penson is a recent addition to the cast, bringing the role of Xavier to life. Xavier units are the dark horses of the clones. Listen to him dig deep into what being born a killer does to the mind.

Jodie Stedman plays the role of Stella, a cleanliness drone that is subservient to Season One's main antagonist. Watch Jodie bring endless joy to this role.

Elizabeth Benbow Faye Butler L C Girling Ruby Parker Harbord Gavin Richards

A newcomer to The Orphans, Elizabeth plays the Kathryn units, the medical assistance units that replace the Olivias. Her first apperance is as the fierce yet vulnerable Kathryn in The Orphans: Facility.

Faye Butler plays the character Diana Strange in The Orphans: Facility. Her appearance at the end of the series sets up a whole new world that her character will explore in future series.

L C Girling plays Olivia in the first series of The Orphans. The vulnerability and insecurity of her character forms the innocence of the series. Laura expertly brings to life this character who must learn how to be strong.

Ruby Parker Harbord brings to life, Valerie. Valerie is a woman out of her element. Unsure how to interact with her companions, she must learn to embrace her vulnerability. Ruby's superb performance is a beautiful addition to the first season.

Gavin Richards plays the outcast of our group in Season One, Richard. When he struggles with his position in the group, Gavin expertly navigates the intricate motivations and actions of the character.