CREW (alphabetical)
James Barbarossa

As well as voicing GeoFFRy, James Barbarossa serves as composer on The Orphans. He scored two original pieces for Season One, and the entire score for Facility. James also served as script editor and Executive Producer on the series.

Laura Girling

Laura Girling is the illustrator behind the evocative art for The Orphans: Facility. Her work summons thoughts of darkness, and foreboding, which couldn't be further from her typically bright and playful work.

Kasia Brzezinska

Kasia is the artist behind the amazing art of Season One. Depicting the main cast observing the Dome, Kasia's take on the show evokes the tones and emotion of the series.

Zachary Fortais-Gomm

Zachary Fortais-Gomm is the creator of The Orphans. He serves as the writer and director on all episodes. With his background in post-production, Zachary is able to bring high-quality sound design to The Orphans.

Jodie Stedman

As well as voicing Stella, Jodie Stedman served as the sound assistant on the first Season of The Orphans, creating sound effects, editing and more. Her work on the series is uncompromising and incredible.

Gabrielle Watts

A radio student at Goldsmith University, Gabriella is an avid podcast enthusiast with an encyclopedic knowledge of audio drama. Gabriella joins The Orphans as a voice editor. Her first work was as part of The Orphans: Investigation.