Season One Episode Two, was released on the Nerdy Show network on September 19th along with the whole of Season One. Episode Two sees our characters learning more about their surroundings, and each other. As tensions between certain members grows, so too does the need for answers. Above The Trees focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the cast, fleshing out their personalities and finding out what drives them all.  1. The sound of Valerie's blade was made by using Star Wars sound designer Ben Burt's technique used to create the Lightsabers. 2. All the creature names suggested by Richard were the original names for the creature re-purposed for comedy. 3. GeoFFRy's charcter was developed by Zachary Fortais-Gomm and James Barbarossa by combining various A.I.s from popular culture . 4. Crew and Cast member Jodie Stedman was and is on a campaign for Nora and Baz to become romantically involved. 5. GeoFFRy's theme Geometrically Fabricated was made by James Barbarossa, the actor who inhabits the role. 6. The name of the Biters is an homage to the popular audio drama We're Alive by KC Wayland. Written & Directed by Zachary Fortais-Gomm Starring: Aimee Kember as Nora James Barbarossa as GeoFFRy Alex Bird as Baz Gavin Richards as Richard Declan Galpin as William Ruby Parker-Harbord as Valerie L C Girling as Olivia Sound Recordists: Jodie Stedman & Zachary Fortais-Gomm Script Editor: James Barbarossa Series art by Kasia Brzezinska Original Music by James Barbarossa Other Music: “Long Note Two” by Kevin MacLeod* “Quinn’s Song: A New Man” by Kevin MacLeod* “Immersed” by Kevin MacLeod* “Quinn’s Song: First Night by Kevin MacLeod* “Thunderbird” by Kevin MacLeod* “Hush” by Kevin MacLeod* *Tracks licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License